Milton Sills

Milton Sills was born Jan. 12, 1882, in Chicago. He came from a well-to-do family and graduated from the University of Chicago where he studied psychology and philosophy. He worked as a researcher and writer for newspapers and magazine, but was urged to seek an acting career by actor Donald Robertson who visited his school in 1905. He began work for Robertson's stock company. His work took him to New York in 1908 where he became a huge success and much in demand by major producers of the day. While in England in 1910, he met and married Gladys Edith Wynne, an actress. During the next few years, he was at the top of his craft, making many successful appearances on Broadway. In1914, film producer William A. Brady offered him a role in "The Pit," which he accepted. This began his film career which continued with several popular appearances in films for Brady's World Film. However, he very much disliked making the serial "Patria," and, once it was completed, left World to freelance. During the next seven years, he made 50 films for a variety of companies such as Metro, Fox, Goldwyn, Select, Pathé, Paramount, and others with such costars as Gladys Brockwell, Fannie Ward, Geraldine Farrar, Clara Kimball Young, Ruth Roland, Viola Dana, Gloria Swanson and more. "Miss Lulu Bett" (1921) with Lois Wilson is available for viewing on home video, but, unfortunately, other films such as "Flaming Youth" (1923) with Colleen Moore is lost. One standout film from his First National period that is available for viewing is "The Sea Hawk" (1924), a rousing sea adventure. Sills' last First National film was his first part-talkie, "His Captive Woman" (1929). He also made the musical "Man Trouble" (1930) and "The Sea Wolf" (1930) for Fox. Because of his stage training, talkies were posing no threat to Sills, but, unfortunately, he died of a heart attack Sept. 15, 1930, at age 48 while playing tennis at his Santa Barbara home. He had divorced his first wife in 1925 and was married to actress Doris Kenyon at the time of his death.

Selected films of this star available for viewing:

Eyes of Youth (1919)

Miss Lulu Bett (1921)

The Sea Hawk (1924)

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