Robert "Bobby" Agnew

Robert Agnew, born June 4, 1899, in Dayton, KY, was sometimes billed as Bobby Agnew. His parents were Mason and Sarah Agnew, and, by 1918, he was living in San Antonio, TX. His boyish charm and youthful looks made him popular with fans in the silent era first in juvenile roles then moving to leading roles at some of the minor studios as the silent era came to a close. His first film was an Alice Joyce feature "The Sporting Duchess" in 1920 for Vitagraph, but he moved around working for Selznick, Famous Players-Lasky, Norma Talmadge Pictures (three pictures in a row with the star in 1921), Fox, Paramount, Universal, MGM and others. In the second half of the twenties he had several starring pictures (always along with a lovely co-star) for poverty row studios such as Banner Productions, Sterling Pictures, and Gotham Productions. He moved back into supporting roles when he entered sound films in 1930, but of the seven sound films he made, three were shorts and two were uncredited parts. Although he did not have much success in the sound era, he went on to a good career as an assistant director and unit manager of special effects at Warner Brothers studios after retirming from acting in 1934. Although his career was a short 15 years, Agnew made 65 films during this period - few of which survive today. He died November 8, 1983, in Palm Springs, CA.

Selected films of this star available for viewing (an asterisk* indicates the film resides in an archive and is not known to have been available on home video at any time. NOTE: Films in archives could be incomplete.):

The Highest Law (1921)*

The Wonderful Thing (1921)*

Kick In (1922)*

The Spanish Dancer (1923)

Wine of Youth (1924)

Gold Heels (1924)*

Love's Whirlpool (1924)*

Steppin' Out (1925)*

The Taxi Mystery (1926)

Dancing Days (1926)*

Racing Blood (1926)*

Unknown Treasures (1926)*

Down the Stretch (1927)*

The Fourth Commandment (1927)*

The College Hero (1927)

Wandering Girls (1927)*

Quarantined Rivals (1927)*

Snowbound (1927)*

Heart of Broadway (1928)*

The Midnight Taxi (1928)*


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