Snub Pollard

Harry "Snub" Fraser (Pollard) was born November 9, 1889, in Melbourne, Australia. He came to America with a vaudeville troupe around 1910, but when the troupe broke up, he decided to stay. He changed his name to Pollard and found work with the Essanay studio in comedies. He also worked briefly for Keystone before joining with the infant Hal Roach studios in 1915 whose only star at that time was Harold Lloyd in his Lonesome Luke series. Pollard, along with Bebe Daniels, co-starred in these films. Although Pollard was not in every one, Lloyd made 86 of these films before Pollard decided to venture out into a solo career in 1919. He was only moderately successful, and a production company he established folded in 1926. Although relegated to supporting roles, short comedies and many times uncredited bit parts, Pollard nevertheless continued to work in films regularly each decade until his death in 1962. His last appearances were on television in bit roles on shows such as "Bonanza," "Gunsmoke" or "Have Gun Will Travel." In a 47 year career between 1915 and 1962, Pollard racked up an amazing 587 film/TV appearances. He died of cancer on January 19, 1962, in Burbank, CA.

Selected films of this star available for viewing:

Dozens of Harold Lloyd shorts (1915-1919)

Below are some of the starring shorts for Snub Pollard that have been released on home video:

Fresh Paint (1920)

Run 'Em Ragged (1920)

Fifteen Minutes (1921)

Dumb Bells (1922)

California or Bust (1923)

Dear Old Pal (1923)

It's a Gift (1923)

Sold at Auction (1923)

Fire (1927)

The Bum's Rush (1927)

Once Over (1928)

Big Shot (1928)

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