Recommended Reading

"Whatever Happened to Baby Peggy? The Autobiography of Hollywood's Pioneer Child Star"

by Diana Serra Cary (Bear Manor Media, 2008, 347 pages - originally published by St. Martin's Press, 1996)

To say that this story is engrossing is putting it mildly! Diana Serra Cary writes with candor and skill about her life as child star Baby Peggy during the 1920's from being discovered at 19 months old and reaching super stardom (1.7 million pieces of fan mail a year) to out-of-work actress by the time she was seven. The book then traces her astounding success in vaudeville in the late 1920's to near poverty in the 1930's and beyond. Although the travails she encountered for 30 years after her Baby Peggy career were many, the story does have a happy ending. This account of Mrs. Cary's life is more absorbing than any Hollywood writer could dream up, and the fact that she is a very adept and accomplished writer makes her story even more difficult to put down. For the silent movie fan or any fan of child stars, this book highly recommended. Don't miss it!

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