Recommended Reading

"The Chaplin Encyclopedia"

by Gerald Mitchell (B.T. Batsford, Ltd. London, 1997, 201 pages)

This is obviously more of a reference book than leisurely reading, but if there's any aspect of Charlie Chaplin's career that you want to look up and spend a few minutes reading about, this is a handy book to have around. As everyone knows, there are so many Chaplin biographies out there, it's hard to know which ones to read or whether to read them all. This book makes a nice companion to any of the bios. Obviously, the entries are arranged in alphabetical order. The author himself admits the book is "intended as a concentration upon the films themselves," rather than Chaplin's personal life. Certainly it contains entries on all the important people in Chaplin's life, but there's also an entry for every one of his films and the film studios (and more), all with excellent information. For example, there's about two and a half pages on both the "Keystone" and "The Kid" entries. There are lots and lots of great photos, too.

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