Recommended Reading

"The Complete Films of Buster Keaton"

by Jim Kline (Citadel Press, 1993, 239 pages)

All the films from "The Butcher Boy" in 1917 to "The Railrodder" in 1965 - they're all here with lots of photographs and info on the films. Kline begins with about a dozen pages of introduction giving a pretty good overview of Keaton's life. This is followed by "Keaton: The Filmmaker and the Face," about eight pages of commentary on Keaton's "style." The rest of the book covers the films beginning with credits for the production company, producer, scenario, director, release date, length, etc. The cast is given for each film, then Kline provides several paragraphs of synopsis/commentary on each film. Kline does a good job, and, certainly any fan of Keaton should have a copy of this book for reference. This large paperback is worth the cost for the photos alone.

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