Recommended Reading

"Conrad Veidt on Screen"

by John T. Soister (McFarland & Company, Inc., 2002, 332 pages)

Best known by silent film buffs for his portrayal of Cesare, the Sonmambulist in "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari," Conrad Veidt is a veteran of over 60 silent films, most of them produced in Germany, and a host of sound features, including several in Britain and many he made in the United States such as "Escape," "A Woman's Face," Whistling in the Dark," "The Men in Her Life," "Nazi Agent," "Above Suspicion" and "Casablanca." Soister's book begins with a splendid biography by a Pat Wilks Battle and then provides release dates, cast, credits and commentary on every one of Veidt's features. The book is complemented with a generous portion of high quality photographs, too. Soister deserves great credit for the research that went into this book and providing such a comprehensive record of Veidt's film career. For anyone wanting to learn about Veidt's life and career, this book would have to be the foundation on which to start your education. McFarland has produced a high quality hardback with illustrative cover.

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