Recommended Reading

"Dark Lover - The Life and Death of Rudolph Valentino"

by Emily W. Leider (Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 2003, 514 pages)

Finally, an in-depth, factual, and respectful biography of the great silent screen legend. Emily Leider gives a good accounting of Valentino's early life and the events leading up to his unparalleled popularity in motion pictures, provides proper background into the making of his films and the influence of those who worked with him, analyzes the Valentino-Rambova relationship with objectivity, and gives the reader insight into the mystique of his fame. Leider doesn't insult the reader by repeating myths and legends as fact (such as Valentino being bisexual - which she affirms was untrue). Instead, she elicits understanding, if not sympathy, for the actor who was the victim of his own popularity and "sheik" label. Kevin Brownlow said Leider's research is "astonishing and the authority with which she tells the story is admirable." The reader of this book will certainly agree. It has been claimed that this is the definitive biography of Valentino. The reader will most likely agree with this assessment, as well.

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