Recommended Reading

"Films of the 1920's"

by Richard Dyer MacCann (The Scarecrow Press, Inc, 1993, 132 pages)

Not the best book on the silent era, but a pretty good collection of other people's writings that have already been published. Includes a couple of excerpts from Lewis Jacobs' 1939 landmark book on cinema history The Rise of the American Film (Harcourt Brace) and the reprinted writings of some other interesting folks such as Will H. Hays and James Wong Howe. Also includes 11 reviews of silent films by people such as Anthony Slide, Gilbert Seldes and Molly Haskell. Whether you like this book or not depends on whether you prefer reading excerpts of already published works or would rather seek out the complete originals even if they are out of print. What is offered here is good, but getting the original stuff is better, if you can find it.

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