Recommended Reading

"Fritz Lang's Metropolis: Cinematic Visions of Technology and Fear"

edited by Michael Minden and Holger Bachmann (Camden House, 2002, 326 pages)

This is the definitive book for the fan of the great German silent science fiction classic "Metropolis." The book is a pastiche of information that is both enlightening, entertaining and, in some cases, surprising. It begins with a very informative essay entitled "The Production and Contemporary Reception of Metropolis"giving a "substantial historical account of the genesis, production and first reception" of the film followed by an essay that outlines the "film's subsequent critical reception." Next comes "Materials and Documentation" that gives excerpts from production reports and reviews from both Germany and the U.S. A series of essays on various aspects of the film complete the book which are divided into three sections -- "Metamorphosis and Metropolis," "Classic Text and Context," and "Metroplis Now." The book is also interspersed with rare photographs and reproductions. For the devout fan or the serious student, Fritz Lang's Metropolis is a book that gives depth and understanding to this silent classic and its place in cinematic history.

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