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by Barry Paris (The University of Minnesota Press, 2002, 654 pages)

Although there are many out there, this is quite possibly the definitive biography on Greta Garbo. This huge volume was originally published in hardback by Alfred A. Knopf in 1994 and is now made available in paperback for the first time by the University of Minnesota Press. Paris is best known for his 1989 Louise Brooks bio, but this book is equally as good. Presented in a logical chronological format, chapters take the reader from the "Greta Gustafson" days of 1905-1922 in Chapter 1, through her silent career both in Germany and the U.S, then into the successful sound years of the thirties and forties. on into the post-movie years (including an interesting chapter entitled "Garbo Lost 1960-1979), and finally through her final years in New York City. Paris seeks to dispel the myths and misinformation surrounding Garbo's life, and sticks to the facts - no sensationalism or dirt here. As the Newsday reviewer commented, ". . . a book notable above all for its humanity and compassion." Generously sprinkled with photos throughout.

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