Recommended Reading

"Hearst Over Hollywood: Power, Passion, and Propaganda in the Movies"

by Louis Pizzitola (Columbia University Press, 2002, 525 pages)

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"Hearst Over Hollywood" is a remarkably scholarly book that should stand as the final word on this media/movie mogul. Every page doesn't deal directly with the movies, but Pizzitola is adept at bringing all the pieces of Hearst's life together as a well-connected puzzle that ultimately reveal his influence in the movie world. It is enlightening to see the man as more than a "Sugar Daddy" for Marion Davies who financed her film career. Hearst's interests in movies and Hollywood began long before his affair with Davies, and Pizzitola reveals to us how Hearst saw the movies as a natural extension of his publishing empire and how both were mediums for realizing his dreams. The author also makes it clear that Hearst's influence over Hollywood was more than we have previously believed. The book shows us how Hearst's interest in film making goes back as far as McKinley's inauguration and the Spanish-American War continuing with early animation, serials such as "The Perils of Pauline" and such controversial early films as "Patria." The reader looking for insight into the Hearst-Davis relationship won't be disappointed either, as we delve deeper into the complexion of this love affair than ever before. Pizzitola has organized his book into an easy-to-read chronological (as much as possible, at least) tale the progresses logically while holding the reader's interest throughout. This, along with Marion Davies' autobiography The Times We Had, and the Fred Lawrence Guiles bio of Davies, completes the picture on the famous star and her benefactor/paramour.

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