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Jackie Coogan: The World's Boy King: A Biography of Hollywood's Legendary Child Star
by Diana Serra Cary
Scarecrow Press
Release date: June 28, 2003 - 328pp

Discovered by Charles Chaplin in 1919, at four years of age, this child actor soared to overnight stardom by his role as the boy in the classic masterpiece, The Kid. As a child, he earned a fortune of $4 million dollars, for which the press dubbed him "The Millionaire Kid," but he later had to sue his parents in a futile attempt to obtain his squandered fortune. His later years were marked with penury and the cruel diminishment of his childhood fame. Later, he gained unexpected but fleeting fame in the 1960s as "Uncle Fester" in the Addams Family television series.

This biography reveals the little-known and even less understood private life of this famous child, a completely dysfunctional family who set the style of the many other parents who found similar fame and fortune through their own child's success in films. The biography is also the rare instance when one major child star (the former Baby Peggy) employs her own hard-won insight in exploring the career and family woes of the most famous child star of the them all, Jackie Coogan. This is the first study of his life to be published.

About The Author
Diana Serra Cary is the former child star known as Peggy-Jean Montgomery. She is currently a full-time writer and professional speaker. In 2002 she received The Hubbard Award by the Niles Essanay Museum Association for her contributions to film history. In 1996 she received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Cinecon. She is the author of numerous books including Whatever Happened to Baby Peggy.

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