Recommended Reading

"Lillian Gish: Her Legend, Her Life"

by Charles Affron (Scribner, 2001, 445 pages)

A beautiful tribute to the legendary Lillian Gish. Because Affron had access to all of Gish's personal papers, the book is loaded with heretofore unknown and interesting information. Of course, her life is traced from birth through early stage appearances, the Biograph days, Inspiration and MGM in the twenties, and the later years, but how much did you know about her love affair with Charles Duell and George Jean Nathan and the legal troubles with Duell. Stuff like this makes the book worth every penny. Much to his credit, Affron is not out to do an sleazy exposé or bash anything about Gish's personal life. He presents his information in a very straightforward manner with a "this is the way it is" demeanor. Obviously he's a fan of hers and gives her the praise she deserves without "gushing." Several pages of glossy photos add to the book's charm.

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