Recommended Reading

"Lon Chaney: The Man Behind the Thousand Faces"

by Michael F. Blake (The Vestal Press, 1993, 394 pages.)

This is the first book in Blake's trilogy on Chaney (the two subsequent volumes are A THOUSAND FACES - LON CHANEY'S UNIQUE ARTISTRY IN MOTION PICTURES and THE FILMS OF LON CHANEY). It makes no attempt to analyze Chaney's films (that's why the other two books were written) but carefully reconstructs the great actor's life from his birth in Colorado Springs to his premature death in 1930. Blake states in his preface that the purpose of the book is to "clear up the fiction and errors others have reported" adding that his book "is as truthful and factual a presentation as is possible at this time," a refreshing change from the many "scandal hungry" books that have hit the market over the years. Includes some of Chaney's writings, a chronology of his life, a filmography and even a "make-up glossary."

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