Recommended Reading

"Mary Pickford Rediscovered: Rare Pictures of a Hollywood Legend"

by Kevin Brownlow (Henry N. Abrams, Inc., 1999, 256 pages.)

Anytime a Kevin Brownlow book is published, there's a "buzz" among silent film enthusiasts, and there's plenty of reason for it with this new book. First of all, it's a beautiful book - 9 1/4" x 12", slick, glossy, high quality paper, and photographs reproduced in the same high quality manner as they were in Hollywood, The Pioneers. The contents - a brief forward by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences - a lengthy introduction (about 16 pages) by Robert Cushman who is curator of the Academy's photographic stills archive - How the Mary Pickford Collection Came to the Academy Library by Cushman - The Search for Mary Pickford by Brownlow which is an absorbing personal account of his early experiences in "finding" Mary Pickford - and finally something silent film collectors have needed for a long time. . . a film by film rundown with commentaries, and who better to do those commentaries than Brownlow. Don't be mislead by the title - this is NOT just a picture book. Yes, it has 232 pictures, but it also has plenty of great text, too. This book is everything a Mary Pickford fan could want and certainly won't disappoint.

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