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"Richard Barthelmess: A Life in Pictures

by David W. Menefee

(Bear Manor Media, 2009, 468 pages)

NOTE: The following is from Bear Manor Media's publicity materials. "Silents Are Golden" has not reviewed this book at this time. However, because a book on the life of this great actor is long overdue, it is our desire to bring this publication to your attention. A guest review would be welcome.

No one will ever forget the scene in D. W. Griffith's Way Down East where Richard Barthelmess as David rescued Anna Moore from certain death on an ice floe as it was about to plummet over a waterfall. The exciting sequence still thrills audiences to this day. Richardwent on to be nominated for an Academy Award as Best Actor for The Noose and The Patent Leather Kid, and he won an Academy Award Citation for "Special Achievement" in producing The Patent Leather Kid.

His signature roles are in many of D. W. Griffith's silent films including Broken Blossoms, Scarlet Days, The Love Flower, and The Idol Dancer. Few people are aware that he was nearly felled by the chaos ofHollywood's transition from silent to talking pictures when he used a voice double to sing for him in Weary River. Despite the setback, his transition to talking pictures and work in The Dawn Patrol, Cabin in the Cotton, and Only Angel's Have Wings proved that his talent was enduring.

For the first time, the story is fully told how Alla Nazimova, a famous Russian star, plucked him from obscurity to play in her first film, and how his worldwide fame was nearly snuffed out when he followed America's call to arms and gave up his movie career to assist in the fight against Nazi aggression in World War Two. Richard retired to a happy life as a senior citizen after appearing in more than 80 films, and this book reveals them with a richly researched biography, an extensive Filmography, and hundreds of rare portraits, posters, and lobby cards that capture the glamour of Hollywood 's Golden Era.

David W. Menefee is the author of Sarah Bernhardt in the Theater of Films and Sound Recordings (Mcfarland 2003,) The First Female Stars: Women of the Silent Era (Greenwood/Praeger 2004), and The First Male Stars: Men of the Silent Era (BearManor Media 2007), George O'Brien: A Man's Man in Hollywood (BearManor Media 2009).

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