Recommended Reading

"The Spirit of Rin Tin Tin"

by Allan Shields (2001, 183 pages)

Rin-Tin-Tin (1918-1932), the German Shepherd Dog film star, acted in more than twenty feature movies. Though his career Rinty ran parallel with other dog stars such as Strongheart, Ligntnin and Peter the Great. Rin Tin Tin was regarded as the outstanding performer of them all. This book undertakes to draw renewed attention to his amazing success story and his abilities of which television imitators still rely. It contains nine chapters (183+ pages with some pictures) dedicated to Rin-Tin-Tins life. It tells of how he was rescued at birth in Paris, France, during World War I, brought to the US, his early years, his movies, his off screen career and his training. It also contains lots of interesting facts about him, his owner/trainer Lee Duncan and has interesting information on other German Shepherd Dog stars of the Silent Cinema. This book is a must for any Silent Movie fan and German Shepherd Dog lover.The author has dedicated his book to his virtual friend, and childhood hero "Rin Tin Tin".

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