Starring Ramon Novarro, Joan Crawford and Ernest Torrence
July 1928

This is the second time in recent years that a sea story called "All the Brothers Were Valiant" has been produced on the screen. Just why it should have been singled out for repeated honors, it's hard to say, for there's nothing to distinguish it form a dozen other sea stories of the sweaty, bloody, mutinous type in which the hero appears throughout in practically a full beard. It's also hard to say why Ramon Novarro was cast in it. He's jut too roguish in the opening comedy scenes. And after that, almost any unshaven man in a pea-jacket could have played the part. It's about a boy, with ideals, but not much sense, who loves the girl to whom his brother is betrothed. He is too loyal to interfere, and, besides, his brother is a whole lot bigger than he is. Ernest Torrence is as terrifying as usual in one of his lurid roles.

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