starring Lila Lee and Cornelius Keefe
April 28, 1928

A fairly good program picture. The story is not extraordinary, but fairly good handling has made it into a mildly appealing entertainment. It is the story of a wealthy girl who falls in love with a poor clerk (hero) and who eventually convinces her father that he will make a better husband than any of the wealthy young idlers, thus gaining his permission to marry him. The plot does not lack complications; before the young hero could gain the consent of the herioine's father for their marriage, the author made him go through some experiences, the outcome being that the young man had shown good character. For instance, he, while visiting the heroine at her country home, discovers her young brother opening the wall safe and taking some valuables out if it; he makes the young man put them back. The villain, a young waster, who wanted the heroine as a wife because of her money, overhears everything and, when it is found that some money was missing from the safe, leads the father to believe that it was the hero that had robbed the safe. The hero allow himself to be thought of as guilty rather than give the heroine's brother away. In the end, however, the hero's innocence is proved, and the heroines's father calls on the hero and begs his forgiveness, asking him to go to his daughter, who loved him.

The plot has been founded on a story by Arthur Hoerl; it has been directed by Burton King, from a screen play by the author himself.

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