starring Norma Shearer and Lawrence Gray
November, 1927

This picture didn't' receive very good reviews in New York, but, the critics in Cleveland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Salt Lake City and other cities seemed to regard it as entertaining. Louella Parsons, writing in the Los Angeles Examiner, is of the opinion that Norma Shearer, as the cigarette girl who falls in love with and reforms a young holdup man, played by Lawrence Gray, makes an inconsequential role full of possibilities. The Salt Lake Tribune ventures to say that "After Midnight" gives Miss Shearer more than a usual opportunity to appear beautiful and wear gorgeous gowns. Donn Krull, reviewing in the Los Angeles Herald opines that fans will like Miss Shearer in this film for many reasons, chief of which is that her personality radiates to great extent as she portrays a wide range of emotions. The Cleveland Press finds the subtitles "rather clever." But, to let the New York critics have their say, we find that Langdon W. Post, writing in the Evening World, calls the picture "worse than bad." Mr. Post believes that Lawrence Gray is the best part of the picture and that Miss Shearer has little to do but look pretty. The Herald-Tribune is not alone in branding the picture as slow moving, having this to say: "It has its excellent moments and it is never particularly terrible, but it is undeniably slow moving, full of ancient devices and generally lacking in story." Expressing her views in the Post, Wilella Waldorf believes that most of the story is "really quite dull and senseless" and that in spite of the fact that it has its better moments, especially when Miss Shearer is on the screen, it is generally "tresome in the extreme." The Sun's reviewer, John S. Cohen, Jr., state that "as in so many well intentioned, well acted, well photographed films, there are not enough dramatic conflicts, not enough situations or plot outline to hold the interest." Most of the reviews seem to regard the scenes showing the dancing girls as diverting. Gwen Lee's performance comes in for praise.

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