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starring Douglas Fairbanks and Jewel Carmen
February 1917

Is Mr. Fairbanks the star of this picture? Seems to me Miss Anita Loos, who wrote the quaint little burlesque on our bean-can nobility, and the odd little type-phrases which join the illustrations, is the real lumnary. Miss Loos was short on plot, but long on laughs. Her melodrama is that of an old-fashioned motion picture; her satire is worthy Irvin Cobb. Mr. Fairbanks is being completely eaten up by his jumping ability. He leaps into his chairs, over his motors, onto his horses, out of his difficulties, like a godson of St. Vitus. Acrobatics and agility are good, but in this picture, they are driven into the ground, to the exclusion of much better stuff of which he is entirely capable.

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