starring John Mack Brown and Jeannette Loff
November 1928

The story is really the least important item in this latest ballyhoo for our naval academy. It was sacrified that the citizens might see the sailors drilling with elaborate precision all over the beautiful grounds of Annapolis. This is very pretty, but can be carried too far. What plot htere is hinges on a young man who arrives at the academy an incorrigible smart-aleck, and emerges a sober man. Meanwhile, he is accused of a misdemeanor committed by his friend, and because he doesn't squeal, he wins the heart and hand of his friend's girl. This is Miss Jeannette Loff, a blonde. The boy is Johnny Mack Brown, who is still improving. I can't honestly reocmmend this to those seeking thrills. Patriotism is splendid, but is not an exciting substitute for a scenario. the day is over when one can make whoopee with a flag.

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