Starring Pauline Starke, David Butler and Harold Goodwin
March 22, 1924

If one were to judge this melodrama by whether it adheres to logic or not, one would have to condemn it on the grounds that it offends logic almost in every situation. But there is so much thrilling action in it that picture-goers who are not critical about logic will enjoy it to their heart's content. There is good human interest in it, too -- enough to satisfy almost everybody.

The picture deals with how the hero, a railroad mail clerk, becomes acquainted with the heroine, and how he helps her save her brother from the gallows by rushing information of the young man's innocence to the governor in time to save the young man's life. The hero marries, of course, the heroine.

There are several good fights between the hero and a gang of crooks on a train, at one time part of the train being run away.

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