starring Aileen Pringle and Lew Cody
September, 1928

The star of this picture is a small Pekingese. Supporting him, but rather reluctantly, are such attractive performers as Aileen Pringle, Lew Cody, Gwen Lee, and Robert Armstrong. All either pursuing this insufferable animal, or trying to get rid of him. The plot is about a lady who loves her dog better than her husband and another lady who loves the same dog better than her fiancé. They all fight over him for reels and reels, and in the end are right back where they started. Everyone acts very capably, but against almost insuperable odds.

There are a few uproarious moments buried in this mass of so-called comedy. Gwen Lee has a good case of hysterics in the middle of the street, and that helps a lot. But I didn't really begin to enjoy it until the entire cast started mistaking each other for burglars and hitting each other over the head with various blunt instruments. That was really funny, I give you my word. Those who have a strong distaste for lap-dogs may enjoy this, but for the most people it will be a waste of time.

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