starring George K. Arthur, Karl Dane, Charlotte Greenwood
April, 1928

There's a good reason for going to this picture. Most of it is awful, I admit. And no doubt you've already seen the story of "Baby Mine" in two dozen different forms, each more tiresome than the last. But that doesn't matter. Because this version has one scene that is so terribly funny that if you don't laugh, I just can't do anything for you. Charlotte Greenwood has come to the screen, and although it isn't quite enough for her, she and Karl Dane have put on the most uproarious love scene, if you can call it that, that has ever been performed. This can't be described -- you just have to see it. And if you don't like it, don't tell me. In justice to the rest of the picture, it must be said that quite a lot of people laughed heartily when Karl Dane took his osteopathy exam, and when George K. Arthur sat down in a juicy pie, and when the midget drank gin out of a nursing bottle. You know the story is about a wife who tries to get back her straying husband by writing him that she has a baby, though she's quite childless. And then there are suddenly dozens of babies, and it's very embarrassing. But all you have to bother about is the big scene with Charlotte Greenwood

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