starring Nell Shipman and Wheeler Oakman
January 2, 1920

"Back to God's Country" is a picturization of the James Olvier Curwood story "Wapi, the Killer," which is released by First National and has Nell Shipman as the star. The picture is a meller of the real old-fashioned kind, and after reading the story and seeing the picture, it seems that the James Oloiver Curwood tales make better reading than they do screen material. However, it must be said that his stories present untold difficulties in screen presentation because of the fact that real animal actors are necessary for their presentation.

For instance, in "Back to God's Country," it is a crossed Great Dane who plays the real hero. The dog that is employed is by far one of the best actors in the picture.

The story is laid in the norhtwest and in the opening scnes, with Miss Shipman handling a couple of bear cubs and other wild animals was very effective.

In all the picture will be a novelty to most audiences becuase of the dog hero, and it will get by on that account; otherwise it is just one of the rgular run of the screen melodramas.

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