starring Virginia Lee Corbin, Jane Winton, Forrest Stanley, Johnny Walker
December, 1927

Despite many improbabilities and absurdities, "Bare Knees" is a first rate Gotham release, with breeze and sex.

It tells that fable of two sisters,one staid, conservative,married and industriously respectable, the other snippy, snappy, jazzey and unconventional. The picture argues the hot baby is the better of the two.

Gotham has assembled six players possessing considerable individual and collective box office magnetism. Plus an okay production and directorial job, the picture should be welcomed by the indies.

Virginia Lee Corbin does well as flaming youth, but needs to be steered away from certain stock mannerisms of conveying flippancy. She has been kept pretty busy doing flaps since graduating from pinafores.

Jane Winton is attractive except when emotionalizing in close-ups. Nature gave her a beautiful but comparatively phlegmatic face.

Maude Fulton, who has written scenarios and titles for the flickers, was a surprise as a goof house maid. While overdone, her characterization showed possibilities.

"Bare Knees" will make for audience entertainment.

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