Starring Marion Davies, Antonio Moreno, Roy D'Arcy
July 1926

Marion Davies certainly demonstrates without any room for argument that she is one of the best light comediennes of the screen. She found her forte with "Little Old New York," and with each succeeding picture she has been adding to her histrionic stature. There is no one who comes to mind who can masquerade as a youth with so much spirit and grace and conviction.

The Graustark pattern has been ground thru the movie mill a good many times - but it is always welcome when it is well done. In this instance, liberties have been taken with McCutcheon's original yarn. The w.k. Davies flair for masquerade had to be expressed. So Presto - Chango - the heroine dons masculine clothes - and gets away with it. The plot, from this premise, is easy to anticipate. It is just a question of time before she will be exposed as an impostor.

The picture contains oodles of sentiment and romance - and more than a tiny spark of adventure. It is lavishly mounted - and the situations are well timed to bring out every important incident and episode.

The star is rally amusing in the film - and she wears her clothes well. As for Roy D'Arcy, his performance of the wicked general is a study in grace and poise. Antonio Moreno plays the hero in the approved romantic manner.

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