Starring William Haines, Jack Pickford and Mary Brian
July, 1926

There's college life, flip and lively, set against the real background of Harvard College.

It was ideal casting making William Haines Tom Brown. He is as fresh a Harvard freshman as ever muddied Cambridge. He arrives, gay and irresponsible, prepared to tame the whole college. In retaliation the college, with the exception of one poor little freshie named Doolittle, sets out to annihilate him.

Tom loses the boat race to Yale. He makes the football team and gets scratched in his first big game. The only girl drops him. But Tom wisecracks on until Doolittle, having run through the rain to tell him of his second chance on the football team, dies of pneumonia.

Jack Pickford supplies the sobs, Mary Brian the girlish influence, but most of the picture is William Haines.

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