Starring Lars Hanson, Pauline Starke and Ernest Torrence
July 1927

A well-knit drama is this story of how the first gospel ship came into being. Bess Morgan, ordered out of the waterfront of Boston, is tossed ashore in a shipwreck on the Massachusetts coast. Anson Campbell, a divinity student, alone, comes to her aid. The fishing folks ostracize him and, in the end, he ships on a sailing vessel on which the girl takes passage. The vessel turns out to be a slaver, the captain a scoundrel. How the girl dies, regenerate, and how Anson brings the slaver home to be a gospel ship is the story. Director John Robertson has created a profoundly moving story. Lars Hanson, as Anson, gives a big performance. Pauline Starke is excellent as the waterfront derelict, and Ernest Torrence is superb as the wicked violin-playing captain of the slaver.

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