Starring Reginald Denny and Gertrude Olmsted
March 1927

Need we say more than that Reginald Denny is the hero of this merry piece? The name of Denny has come to stand for comedy, confusion, love, and absurdity, and the expectant fans will not be disappointed in this case. The new Denny opus makes Reginald a Lord - or is it a Marquis - in his native England, but Reg has been among us so long that he plays the Londoner in barbarously American fashion. The mainstays of the plot are his Lordship, a pure little social secretary, an evil-looking thief and a terrific rainstorm. These are juggled about thru reels during which you wont rock with laughter, unless that is your custom at all and any Denny pictures (sic). Triumphing most gorgeously over all this nonsense is the really admirable Gertrude Astor, who rarely suffers from miscasting and, therefore, gives some grand performances. The picture is somewhat saddened by the spectacle of Gertrude Olmsted shorn of her luxuriant locks. Hair really makes a lot of difference in a woman. In this case, it makes a difference of what seems to be about ten years - in the wrong direction.

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