staring Rod La Rocque and Jetta Goudal
December, 1925

The title suggests about all that is left of W. J. Locke's quaint charm and sentiment. This is not to indict the picture as lacking entertaining qualities. Indeed, it shapes up as a fair-to-middlin' opus -- what with its assortment of pointed subtitles, the smoothness of its plot and the adroit acting by Rod La Rocque. The picture gets off on a good tack even tho it lists toward the channels of hokum comedy. This should not be held against it, for Paul Sloane, the director, can exercise skill in putting over the humorous by-play. Jetta Goudal is not so convincing in her part, but then you are not so interested in her a you are in Rod and Noah Beery. It's that kind of a story.

Starring Rod La Rocque and Jetta Goudal
November 1925

An actor made up as a rough diamond goes to a movie location that is supposed to be the Riviera and falls in love with an actress gotten up by Cecil De Mille to look like a Russian Princess. There is a villainous husband and a villainous title writer to add to the sorrows. Rod La Rocque is the star and Jetta Goudal is the girl who wears the clothes.

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