starring William Boyd and Bessie Love
December, 1927

William Boyd, as Vic Donovan, the all-around athlete from Bergen County, is so sure of himself that he looks only for new worlds to conquer. He casually visits West Point, and learns, to his amazement, that he does not "belong" there. He gets an appointment to West Point, determined to show them. The usual grueling at Beast Barracks serves only to intensify his egotism. His only interest is the daughter of the commandant. This part is neatly played by Bessie Love. The manner in which Boyd gives up this change from the cock-sure, bigoted, small-town boy, to a fine, upright, manly cadet, capable of tremendous sacrifice for truth, is a beautiful piece of work.

Louis Natheaux, as Donovan's manager, gives a corking performance. Good supporting cast.

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