starring Marion Davies
November 5, 1921

This is the first picture in which Miss Marion Davies has so far appeared that one can unreservedly call excellent. Not only the acting is good, but the subtitles are so well-written that they are full of humor as well as wit. There is good comedy throughout. The production end it lavish.

"Enchantment" is rather a romance, in which a father plots to tame his daughter who thinks that becasue she is beautiful, all men should admire her and become her slaves. The father engages the hero, a well-known actor, to carry out his plans. The hero is handled by the heroine in the same manner as other young men. Having fallen in love with her, the hero confesses her father's scheming. The heroine is angered, but when he makes ready to leave the house, she calls him back, having realized that she loves him, too.

The fairy play entitled "The Sleeping Beauty" acted in the picture in which the heroinie assumes the leading role has been done well.

This picture should appeal to all, children in particular.

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