Starring Wallace Reid, Theodore Roberts and Ann Little
June, 1920

I liked Wallace Reid's "Excuse My Dust," first, because it is a good short story attractively screened, and second, because its creators have not tried to make it anything more than that. One of the eleven or fourteen things we all find to object to in picture is the obvious effort of scenarioist (sic) and director, the one usually abetting the other, to build a mansion out of the material laid down for a bungalow. When the thing is finished, the foundation is fairly solid, but the superstructure is so very wobbly and thin you can plainly see through it.

"Excuse My Dust": relates a plausible and interesting incident in the life of "Toodles" Walden, erstwhile demon driver of the good old Darco bus that won the Los Angeles-San Francisco road race in "Speed Up."

No sex stuff here, and no suave young villain. Just a good, interesting, at times exciting, and always well-told short story. The ingratiating Reid is a cheering a screen hero as usual, Theodore Roberts is excellent as the blustering "J.D.," and Ann Little is a loveable wife.

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