Starring Mary Miles Minter
August 9, 1918

A five-reel comedy-drama featuring Mary Miles Minter produced by the American (Pathe). Nothing particularly fascinating about Julia's eyes, and why they should appear in the title of this picture is hard to say. It could have been called anything else.

Julia Deep will appeal to the $8 per week cash girls in the department stores as the picture is built around one of their craft. Julia has risen from the rank, and is now in charge of the exchange desk of Timothy Black's store. The time outside working hours she spends in her little bedroom on the top floor of Mrs. Turner's boarding house.

Terry Hartridge (Alan Forrest), the last of the old Hartridge family, for whom Mrs. Turner has kept house years before, occupies a suite in the Turner boarding house two floors below Julia. They have never seen each other, as he is working overtime in an effort to squander the remnants of his deceased father's fortune.

Having run through his money and seeing no future, Terry is about to blow out his brains, when Julia enters, who removes the gun then starts to lecture the young man on the evils of his ways. In the last scene they are in a clinch, as everyone knew they would after the first reel.

Miss Minter has surrounded herself with a capable company, and the production is worthy of a better subject.

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