Starring Raymond Griffith, Virginia Lee Corbin and Marion Nixon
March, 1926

A mild and harmless comedy not up to the standard of the usual Raymond Griffith comedies. All about the adventurers of a Confederate spy who tries to prevent the North from receiving old. He almost completes his mission when peace is declared. Raymond Griffith's goings on and dainty Marion Nixon and Virginia Lee Corbin in the cast give the picture its chief claim to your attention.

Starring Raymond Griffith, Virginia Lee Corbin and Marion Nixon
April, 1926

"Hands Up," starring Raymond Griffith, that versatile comedian of the painless falls, is a comedy romance of the Civil War.

Mr. Griffith is pictured as a Confederate spy on his way to Utah (sic), at the command of General Lee, to spy on the Northerners. The Northerners are about to move a supply of gold from a mining town. As the Northern general drives his carriage away, loaded down with ore, Mr. Griffith starts in pursuit. With amazing agility he changes place with the Union driver, while the action races along with him. In the end, he is about to be hanged when peace is declared, thereby saving Mr. Griffith for another picture.

There is a small slice of Mormon burlesque sandwiched in when Mr. Griffith, torn between the charms of two young ladies, makes the beautiful discovery that he might as well have them both.

This picture is not quite so funny as some of Mr. Griffith's former ones, but it is funny enough. The two young girls are Marian Nixon and Virginia Lee Corbin. Mack Swain is a mine owner, and Montague Love a Union general.

(Note: Marion Nixon's name was sometimes spelled "Marian")

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