Starring Ivan Mosjoukine, Charles Vanel, Helene Darly
March 23, 1923 p. 512.
It hasn't been that long since I was the most desperate opponent of films that had episodes. I fled from the rooms in which they were projected and, out of bias, refused to see any one of the many parts of the countless adventures that make up one of these movies.

Undeniably, since that time, something has changed. Among the filmmakers I admire the most are those determined to reform this kind of production, and the praise that I now find in me has led me to lift the ostracism I once had for the serials, and I am glad because the "The House of the Mystery" has completed my conversion.

This film that M. Volkoff has staged is one of those which will restore favor to a genre that once brought horror to a large part of the public.

It is no longer making footage of preposterous situations, extraordinary adventures, a heroine killed ten times and ten times resurrected, but rather, a very clear adaptation of the novel by Jules Mary.

A science of pace, of intensity, of truth, beautiful photography and an abundance of ingenious discoveries characterize this realization of M. Volkoff who has admirably led its performers.

He has also chosen its performers well, M. Volkoff, Mosjoukine and Charles Vanel are evidence of a dramatic power of the first order, Mlle. Francine Mussey has finally found the role worthy of her young and beautiful talent. M. Hill and Mme. Helene Darly - she is a very beautiful Mme. Darly! - very happily round off this remarkable cast.

Review courtesy of Christine Leteux
"Ann Harding's Treasures"

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