starring Adolphe Menjou and Bessie Love
January, 1926

The story isn't a knockout. It's the suave personality of Adolphe Menjou, who enacts the role of he King of Molvania, that puts it over. It's a Menjou picture from the start to the finish. His subtle and captivating charm acts as a pivot on which the plot of he story rotates. The picture is centered around a series of spicy and ultra-sophisticated situations which Monta Bell, the director, has logically developed with skill and freshness without shocking the censorious.

The story shows in a humorous and entertaining way the life of a bored king who longed to be loved as a man. Bessie Love is the sweet little young girl with whom the King has a delightful romance. Greta Nissen's beauty and gowns are a treat for the eyes. We're warning you -- don't miss this.

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