starring Bebe Daniels
December, 1925

"Lovers in Quarantine" is one of the best comedies Frank Tuttle ever directed and he has directed many. The picture is based on Tennyson Jesse's play, "Quarantine," and has Bebe Daniels and Harrison Ford in the leading roles.

Miss Daniels plays an annoying child of sixteen who rides into the picture on a motorcycle splashing mud everywhere. Being in love with the fiance of her older sister, the child locks sister in a closet and elopes with the lover in her stead. Of course they are quarantined and the fiance finds that it is the baby and not the older sister whom he loves.

Again Bebe proves herself a capable comedian--not of the slapstick variety but a sparkling, scintillating one and her performance in "Lovers in Quarantine" is by far the best she has done for some time.

There are some inconsistencies, for instance, a trip to Bermuda, as described by the caption writer, would lead one to believe, involves days.
However, for the sake of plot development, the passage of several days was a necessity, so the "slow steamer" to Bermuda did not detract in the least.

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