Starring Ramon Novarro and Alice Terry
July, 1927

'Twas in Old Madrid, where the bull comes from. Ramon Novarro and Alice Terry, just two nice young people, had nothing to fear from the censors or from each other -- until Enter the Villain, that old grouch Public Opinion. Ramon, as Ernesto, the young ward of Don Julian -- Edward Martindel -- respects and admires Julian's young wife Teodora; but he doesn't love her because such a thing never entered his head. It never entered her head, either. Women are supposed to be cleaner-minded than men, you know -- maybe because they change their minds so often. Anyway, the trio becomes the talk of the town, though they are the last to hear about it. What started as a neat tidbit of delightful dirt turns into a tragedy before our very eyes; and then -- aha, and then! That's for you to find out. And I would if I were you, because the way John Stahl has directed, "Lovers?" is interesting and at times exciting. Where there's smoke there's fire, and don't you dare turn in any alarm.

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