With Conrad Veidt, Mary Philbin and Olga Baklanova
June 1928

Here's another classic for those who may prefer their literature in animated form. Or for those who desire to renew acquaintance with the characters that people the pages of Victor Hugo's ever-living novel. Through the skill of the master, Paul Leni, they are present from the most villainous comprachico to the lewd lady who almost lures Gwynplaine from the arms of Dea. Tremendous as was the undertaking of welding together a moderate length photodrama from Hugo's voluminous tomes, it was as nothing compared to the difficulties of birthing popular entertainment from the love story of a scar-faced clown and a blind heroine. Mary Philbin measures up to past work. Caesar Gravina is excellent as the showman philosopher. Conrad Veidt misses a bit in a terrifically difficult role, and the newcomer, Olga Baklanova, is the first among Russia's gifts to cinema.

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