starring Mae Murray
April 1917

I doubt the propriety of a play attacking an existing sect, even for performances distinctly beyond the pale. "The Latter Day Saints," as the followers of Joseph Smith call themselves, have written one of the strangest pages of American history. In general practice at least polygamy seems to have disappeared in Utah, and many of our staunch Western patriots and good citizens believe firmly in the Angel Moroni, the revelations on the golden plates, and all that. "A Mormon Maid" deals with the militant period of the Mormon church, and the escape of a gentile from the compulsion of sex-greedy Mormon elders. There are "Avenging Angels," plotting, broken hearts and sudden death in this well-told, convincingly written story -- which, as I have said, seems a morbidly unnecessary rehash of a certain phase of American history. Mae Murray is the principal artiste.

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