Starring Lillian Gish and Walter Long
April 14, 1916

Fine Arts (Triangle) feature, scenario by William E. Wing, produced by William Christy Cabanne. Marfa (Lillian Gish), a Russian peasant girl, loves Jan. But aunt and uncle try to induce her to marry an older man of wealth. Jan goes to America to make his fortune. Col. Gregoff, the governor of the district, covets Marfa. She knocks him senseless with a club and runs away in a terrific rainstorm, beautifully photographed. Aunt, uncle and Marfa escape to America. On the boat they find Jan, who had also decided to emigrate. In Los Angeles, the aunt and uncle try to sell their niece into a forced marriage. Jan rescues her. "The land of promise fulfilled." Magnificently photographed and directed, but story not worthy of so much effort.

Video source: Facets, Nostalgia, Grapevine

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