starring Viola Dana, Ralph Graves and Burr McIntosh
May 2, 1928

Those who don't think the independents are trying to make good pictures had better take a look at "That Certain Tihng." Here is an indie that gives A-1 entertainment. Especially in the neighborhoods.

The story holds up, even if a little old in general theme. But it is welded into a strong, laugh-comedy romance materially aided by Boasberg's titles. It's all about a poor girl who acquires a millionaire.

Directing is splendid, and the work of the small cast immense. Both Miss Dana and Ralph Graves are exceptionally good.

Photographically and otherwise "That Certain Thing" will help Columbia. It's wholesome, full of fun, and has that touch of neighborhood kin that will make it acceptable anywhere.

starring Viola Dana, Ralph Graves and Burr McIntosh
February 11, 1928

The first part is an interesting romance, of the Cinderella type, with a great deal of light comedy; the middle part falls down considerably for a short stretch; but the last part picks up again and interests the specatator, if not as much as the first part, at least nearly as much. The part that falls down shows the hero, a young man born with a gold spoon in his mouth, disinherited by his father because he had married a girl whom the father thought a mere gold-digger and as having obtained a job as a ditch digger; it is too much for one to expect the spectator to believe that the son of a millionaire would have accepted such an employment. yet this part of the story is necessary to furnish the motive of the subsequent action, for it is while the hero is near the ditches, after he had been discharged for incompetence, that the idea comes to his head to start a sandwich factory in which he is shown later as having made a success and as having proved to his father that not only did he make good but also that his wife was a hard working young girl, who made his success possible, instead of a gold-digger. On these grounds one can excuse the "flatness" of the action for a short stretch. The story has been written by Elmer Harris. It has been directed by Frank Capra well. Viola Dana makes a good heroine, and Ralph Graves a good hero. Burr McIntosh, Aggie Herring, Carl Gerard and Sydney Corssley appear in the cast.

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