Starring Douglas Fairbanks and Julanne Johnston
May, 1924

Here is magic. Here is beauty. Here is the answer to the cynics who give the motion picture no place in the family of the arts. Here is all the color and fantasy of the greatest work of imaginative literature, Arabian Nights, done so beautifully, so perfectly, that it is an everlasting credit to its producer and an everlasting joy to those who see it. Into the words of this great classic, Douglas Fairbanks has blown the breath of life. He has achieved the much discussed possibilities of the camera. It is a work of rare genius, and the entire industry, as well as the public, owes him a debt of gratitude. If you miss the picture, it is your loss.

The production itself is almost flawless. It would be small business, indeed, to use a microscope. Mr. Fairbanks spent almost a year in preparation. At his studio he assembled artists from all parts of the world, as is told in the Rotogravure section of this magazine. He spent over a million dollars. It is futile to say that it is worth every cent of its cost because the great imaginative quality and beauty of the picture is something that cannot be measured in dollars and cents.

Through the delightful fantastic tale of the Orient runs the theme, "Happiness must be earned," and it is a remarkable tribute to the story that it is so entrancing that you find yourself taking all the marvelous effects for granted.

Go see this picture at the earliest opportunity. Your ticket will be a magic carpet which will carry you with the hero of the Oriental tale to palaces in the clouds, to the abode of the winged horse, and to the citadel of the moon on wondrous adventures, and you will learn that "If you love a princess, you must make yourself a prince."

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