Starring Mary Pickford
August, 1921

In the case of "Through the Back Door," I am going to let the volunteer reviewer have the floor. Age of reviewer: I promised not to tell. Occupation: Mother. Disposition: Normal except for an unreasonable predilection for Mary Pickford.

"There she is - younger than ever. I hope she never grows up. I don't see why they had to make her a Belgian refugee. Still, she comes to this country - through Ellis Island, too. Do I think the picture is too sweet? No, I think it is wonderful. I like all of Mary Pickford's pictures. Yes, I suppose she can act, but I like to see her doing just what she is doing now. Look at her strap the scrubbing brushes on her feet and skate across the floor. She reminds me of Lotta. You don't remember Lotta; she was long before your time. But ask Dad, he knows. This picture is a treat. Why can't I see Mary Pickford more often?"

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