starring Norma Shearer, Oscar Shaw and Gwen Lee
January 1927

Here's a gay story of what happens to a fresh kid who gets a swelled head.

Dolly Haven, out hunting a stenographer's job, meets Johnny Storm, a song and dance man, who engages her as partner in his vaudeville act. A couple of rehearsals and Johnny sees Dolly can't dance, but that she can wear clothes. So he does the work and lets Dolly get the spotlight. Johnny loves her, but she leaves their act to go with another. She flops and is finally reduced to being a chorus girl in the closing act of the bill on which Johnny is headliner. But you know how love is!

The cast, headed by Norma Shearer and Oscar Shaw, is perfect, the atmosphere charming and Monta Bell's direction delightful. Take the youngsters.

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