Starring Norma Talmadge, Jack Mulhall, Eileen Percy and Lew Cody
May 5, 1923
An excellent picturized version of Bayard Veiller's widely known stage play. It gives Miss Talmadge the best dramatic opportunity she has had recently; her work is magnificent. Lew Cody, too, does a fine bit of acting. Eileen Percy, Jack Mulhall and Helen Ferguson, who appear in support of the star, all do well with their respective assignments. Frank Lloyd has handled the direction skillfully. The fact that the prison scenes were actually taken in and around Mount Auburn Prison adds to the picture's interest.

A shop-girl's unjust imprisonment for theft, her vow to get even with the man responsible for her railroading by striking him through his so, and her eventual finding of love and happiness form the skeleton of the story.

"Within the Law" should have universal appeal.

Starring Norma Talmadge, Jack Mulhall, Eileen Percy and Lew Cody
July 1923

This production of Bayard Veiller's melodrama has everything save inspiration. The production is expensive, the cast is a series of big names, the direction is adequate. And yet the melodrama lacks something vital. We put this to Norma Talmadge's playing of Mary Turner. Miss Talmadge seems afraid to act, not an uncommon ailment these days among our stars. There is hardly a suggestion of the emotional Mary Turner of the stage originator, Jane Cowl. This Mary gives you no doubt about her sweetness, her dignity, and her ability to look photographically smart. What the screen needs is something to upset our stellar restraint. Actually, the best acting of "Within the Law" is that of Lew Cody as the crook, Joe Garson, and Helen Ferguson in her brief moments as a shop girl.

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